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As you get closer to retirement, you are likely thinking about all you will want to do with your free time in Florida. The Sunshine State offers so much for people of all ages, especially those who call the state home in their golden years. With retirement in the near future, you might begin to think about your estate plan and how it is currently laid out. Let’s take a look at what happens when you schedule a review of your estate plan.

The meeting with your estate planning attorney will be a very informal one. There won’t be any witnesses present. The only thing you will need to have with you is a list of goals you wish to achieve or items you want to remove or add to the estate plan documents.

The review of your current plan will basically be very much like the first meeting you had with an estate planning attorney when you were creating the will and other legal documents. You will need to answer a lot of questions from the attorney so they can gather as much information as possible about what you want to do.

The estate plan review meeting will then conclude with you scheduling a day and time to return to the office to have the documents signed and notarized. This is an important step that you should never put off because if the new documents are not signed and notarized, they are not effective yet.

Did you know that you can review your estate plan whenever you want? There is no required waiting period from one review to the next. It all depends on your preference and if you’ve experienced any milestones in life.