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As you approach the end of your life or simply look to plan ahead, you are faced with two choices: allow the state of Florida to decide what happens to your assets after your death, or take charge of what happens yourself. Those who go with the latter option have opted to go through the process of estate planning. At Fisher Wilsey, we understand the details and documents that go into the estate planning process, allowing us to help our clients come up with estate plans that include everything that they need to consider.

The “easy” way is not always the best way

 Many websites now offer what they call “do-it-yourself” estate planning. They provide automated services like writing a last will and testament. But the American Bar Association warns that these services can be risky.

When you choose to use an automated will writer, for example, you miss the chance to talk to an experienced legal professional about your circumstances. An attorney you can trust will talk over your options with you to help you decide whether you need a will, a trust or some combination of the two.

The lengthy process of probate is something you want to make as easy as possible for your beneficiaries. This is something that you simply cannot do with DIY estate planning.

In fact, many people believe that DIY estate planning violates statutes regarding the unauthorized practice of law. One provider has been sued for this in at least three states already.

Planning for the future of your loved ones is not something to take lightly. If you want more information about estate planning, visit our web page.