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If you are entering or are already part of a same-sex marriage, you probably have some unique estate planning concerns. However, the truth is that every family should establish a unique estate plan that works towards specific goals and for specific situations.

USA Today reports on several estate planning concerns that could merit your attention. The first, and probably the most important, is determining your legal marital status. This is relatively easy to do in most cases, and it would provide a baseline from which you could start forming your strategy.

Another subject you may want to consider is your legal relationship with your children. It is likely that your loved ones would face less hardship if both you and your spouse were legal parents. To this end, you may find that adoption is necessary — but you may also find that the process is significantly streamlined if you are married to the parent of the child in question.

As you can see, many of the concerns that relate to same-sex estate planning would involve your legal relationships. Establishing roles and connections ahead of time — as formally as possible and in a way that uniquely addresses your concerns — could save you and your loved ones a significant amount of time and effort when it is most important.

Even with the broader need for custom solutions in mind, you may still feel a slight sting of injustice that same-sex couples often have to take extra measures to secure the futures of their families. Hopefully, time and dedicated action will change this situation. Until then, it could be wise for you to be as prepared as possible.