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When selling your Florida home, you have a couple of different routes that you could take. On one hand, you could choose a real estate agent to help guide you through your affairs or you could sell the home on your own. According to Forbes, for sale by owner makes sense for some sellers. 

The biggest benefit and most likely motivation that sellers have to cut the real estate agent out of the question is money. Most do not want to pay the commission. Likewise, if you do not have a real estate agent, then you can have full control over the specifics of the sale. You may also have the ability to spend more time on your sale than the real estate agent can. After all, agents have multiple clients to juggle. You only have yourself. 

If you choose to sell your home on your own, you do still need an appraisal to help determine the price of your home. Likewise, you will need to be able to market it on your own. If you have marketing skills, then you may have more fun with this process. You need to take plenty of pictures and understand where to list your properties. It may cost money to list on some platforms but it will still be cheaper than hiring a real estate agent. 

If you are a skilled negotiator, then you may need to brush up on those skills so that you can make a sale and make the most profit. Those who know how to market, negotiate and have organization skills to handle all of the paperwork can usually succeed at selling their own homes.