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There are many complicated aspects of selling or buying a home. The average home buyer or seller often needs the help of industry professionals to make the process go smoothly and avoid any issues. For most people, this means at least having a real estate agent assisting them. Some people may also wonder if they need a real estate attorney as part of their team.

According to Zacks, a real estate attorney will assist with the process after the agent handles setting the price and obtaining a contract between the seller and the buyer. The attorney assists with legal aspects of the sale, such as reviewing the contract for legal issues and attending the closing in case any further issues come up.


A real estate attorney may be helpful in many ways for both the seller and the buyer. Reviewing the contract is a huge benefit because nobody else in the process knows the intricacies of the real estate laws in Florida like an attorney. He or she is able to identify possible issues before they become roadblocks to completing the sale.

In addition, the attorney can assist with preparing other legal documents and providing legal advice for problems discovered with titles. Some buyers may find it is helpful to have an attorney during the process of securing and finalizing the mortgage loan.


If a person wonders if he or she needs a real estate attorney as part of the home buying or selling process, the answer is not easy. The law does not require a person to have one, but in some cases, it may be the most favorable decision. Each person must decide for him or herself what they need in their buying or selling situation. Of course, having an attorney can help ensure the whole process is void of any legal entanglements that could cause future issues.