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Some reasons a living trust can be challenged

Like many other estate planning documents, it is possible to challenge a living trust. Those who have a financial interest in the trust -- whether that means getting assets or losing money that would otherwise go to them -- may be able to challenge it.

Explaining what happens at an estate plan review

As you get closer to retirement, you are likely thinking about all you will want to do with your free time in Florida. The Sunshine State offers so much for people of all ages, especially those who call the state home in their golden years. With retirement in the near future, you might begin to think about your estate plan and how it is currently laid out. Let's take a look at what happens when you schedule a review of your estate plan.

An important checklist for the executor of a will

Being chosen as an executor of a will for a friend or loved one in Florida is never easy. You have to discuss end-of-life plans and this can be very uncomfortable for many people. No one wants to think about losing a loved one but it's important for everyone to plan ahead and prepare for the unimaginable. That's why we have created an important checklist for the executor of a will.

Tips for picking a power of attorney in Florida

When the time comes, you will need to find someone to handle all of your affairs in St. Petersburg. This is not an easy task, not in the least bit. You will need to think about end-of-life issues that not everyone can handle. Do you choose someone who is a friend? Do you choose someone who is a family member? Here are some tips for picking a power of attorney in Florida so you can make a difficult situation easier.

Important checklist for Florida estate planning

Are you planning your estate in St. Petersburg, Florida? If so, you are making an important decision that affects not only you but also everyone else in your family. This is an especially important undertaking if you have minor children. Planning out your estate before it's too late makes it easier for everyone to move on after your death.


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