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Personalized Estate Planning And Elder Law Services

It is never too early to begin preparing for the next phase of your life and the passing of your assets on to the next generation. Whether you need to create a will, are interested in putting property into a trust or want to make sure your assets are protected from excessive taxation, we are here to help you meet your goals.

Since 1962, the attorneys of Fisher & Wilsey, P.A., have been providing comprehensive estate planning services to individuals and families in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area of Florida. Call 888-312-1474 or 727-369-8572 to schedule an initial consultation.

Working To Protect Your Family And Your Property

If you do not have a proper estate plan in place, you could be placing your property and your loved ones at risk by leaving important decisions up to the state. In essence, if you do not have a will or an estate plan, state statutes will determine how your assets, investments, home and other property will be distributed. This process not only can be more expensive, it can take longer to complete and may not pass your assets as you intend.

If you want to ensure that your health care choices are followed, that your belongings are distributed according to your wishes and that your family is spared unnecessary time and expense, you need a comprehensive estate plan. Our lawyers are here to help.

We can help you protect your assets, ensure that your wishes are honored and help you meet your estate plan’s needs.

The Experience You Need To Meet Your Goals

When developing a plan for what will happen after you are gone, we believe that the most important thing is that you are the one who is making all of the crucial decisions. We will work closely with you to create an all-inclusive estate plan, using legal tools such as:

For additional information on these topics, please visit our estate planning resource center.

Call For A Consultation With A Tampa Wills And Trusts Lawyer

If you want to pass specific assets onto your loved ones, or if you have a high-value estate, it is important to put your wishes into writing. Call 888-312-1474 or 727-369-8572, or complete our contact form for an initial consultation.