A Long Track Record Of Success For Our Clients

Your rights and interests are too important to place in the hands of a novice attorney or a startup law firm. You need help from a law firm that has stood the test of time. At Fisher & Wilsey, P.A., our lawyers and staff have been helping good people throughout the Tampa Bay area for more than 50 years.

Our firm is a multi-generational family business that is well-established in Tampa Bay. Families can benefit from our practice insights in the conduct and culture of local business. These professional insights are a result of decades of our family helping others. Call 888-312-1474 or 727-369-8572 to talk to an attorney.

Our firm's longevity has also given our team firsthand experience into the estate planning and probate needs of a variety of family circumstances. These include special consideration of small-business owners, people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, veterans and same-sex couples.