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Undue Influence – Your Advocates In Undue Influence Claims

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in the world who will take advantage of a loved one’s diminished capacity, incapacity or desire for companionship in order to be named a beneficiary of all or most of a loved one’s estate. These acts can lead to contentious legal disputes concerning the influence a person may have had on the ability of a loved one to freely create a will or a trust.

At Fisher & Wilsey, P.A., our lawyers have extensive experience dealing with issues such as undue influence. We have represented residents in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area as well as out-of-state clients for over five decades. We understand the emotions that are involved in probate litigation. That is why we will work closely with you in an effort to make things right. Call 888-312-1474 or 727-369-8572 to schedule a free initial consultation.

What Is Undue Influence?

Undue influence is a type of manipulation. A person may isolate an elderly adult to the point where the adult becomes fully reliant on that person. This person may then take advantage of the relationship to get the elderly adult or vulnerable adult to change the terms of a will to his or her benefit. These types of cases also occur when a person is asked to make changes to an estate plan immediately following a surgery, or when under the influence of medication. An elderly person may also face threats unless he or she changes a will or a life insurance policy.

The Experience To Handle The Most Challenging Cases

Proving these types of cases can be difficult. Lack of capacity concerns may also be an issue in many of these cases. However, our will contest lawyers have been handling probate litigation matters since 1962. We have the skill and experience to handle the most complicated will contests.

Whether you wish to bring a case or have been falsely accused of undue influence, you can rely on the attorneys at Fisher & Wilsey, P.A., to diligently protect your interests and look out for you.

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