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Last Will & Testament – Enhancing Peace Of Mind With A Last Will And Testament

Many online resources promote “do-it-yourself” solutions for drafting wills and other legal instruments that comprise an estate plan. Since there is no common solution for managing family assets and designing estates plans, however, it is risky to rely on these templates to ensure your possessions are transferred according to your wishes.

Regardless of the size of your estate, it is wise to contact a professional who has experience in these legal matters. Attorneys who have practiced estate and probate law have the skill set to efficiently research your needs, consider viable solutions and create a suitable action plan based on your unique circumstances.

Since 1962, residents throughout the Tampa-St. Petersburg area have consulted with our attorneys at Fisher & Wilsey, P.A., for a range of estate planning matters, including last will and testament services. Our firm is a multigenerational family business that is well-established in Tampa Bay. Families can benefit from our team’s perspective on the conduct and culture of local business. These professional insights are a result of decades of our family helping others in Florida and out of state. Call 888-312-1474 or 727-369-8572 to schedule a free initial consultation.

A Detailed Will Can Help You Protect Heirs From Unnecessary Probate Disputes

Wills can be used to transfer more than cars and real estate. When you work with our lawyers, we will draft a will that distributes a range of possessions, including:

  • Intangible business assets such as intellectual property
  • Digital assets such as songs or pictures stored online or other media files that have value
  • Assets of sentimental value
  • High-value assets such as jewelry or art

You may express your wishes to bequeath your assets, however, without the proper documentation, it is possible that the rightful heirs will not receive the possessions as you intended. Creating a will does not need to be a prolonged endeavor. Once you complete your will, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your intentions are in place. Our legal professionals can handle this task and other estate concerns efficiently and discretely. Contact our team today to secure your peace of mind tomorrow.

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