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Inheritance Disputes – Protecting Your Rights In The Probate Process


Disputes over the distribution of a loved one’s assets are emotionally contentious and complicated. Arguments and legal problems may arise in any number of situations. Without the proper legal assistance, however, you may recognize there is a problem but may not know how to remedy the inheritance dispute effectively.

When beneficiaries have questions about probate, estate and trust administration, they consult with our attorneys at Fisher & Wilsey, P.A. Located in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, our firm has advised in- and out-of-state residents about their rights in the estate administration process. Our inheritance dispute lawyers have extensive experience guiding people through these difficult times. Call 888-312-1474 or 727-369-8572 to schedule a free initial consultation concerning inheritance disputes.

Whether you have suspicions about how assets were distributed, have questions about filing a claim or wonder what portion of an inheritance you are entitled to receive under that law, our qualified attorneys can help obtain a straightforward solution.

Inheritance Disputes Can Occur In A Number Of Situations

The term “inheritance dispute” is a kind of catch-all to describe any situation involving probate litigation or a will contest. They may involve allegations of undue influence or a loved one’s lack of capacity to create a will.

Often, disputes arise when one person is named as a trustee and is responsible for overseeing the administration of a loved one’s estate. The trustee may shirk his or her fiduciary duties and not inform other beneficiaries of the status of the administration. Or a trustee may be accused of breaching fiduciary duties by scorned beneficiaries. Whatever the case may be, our estate dispute lawyers are ready to put their 50 years of legal experience to work for you.

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